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Latest News

Beehives for Sustainable Income

January 01, 2020

Rewell Society has gained substantial skills in funding and implementing sustainable small pilot projects that produce small incomes for poor families in Jordan. 

One of the newer projects it conceptualized and executed in 2019 was setting up honey producing beehives for poor families in the Northern Jordan Valley region. 

Such projects help families develop skills in unique niche markets that reward them with good margins on product sales. 

This year, Rewell Society has funded the second beehive project and hopes to continue its effort in years to come. The beneficiaries from the project are 10 vulnerable families in the Northern Jordan Valley area. 

The budgets slated are donated by the Society and its supporters.

Distributing tons of flour in Ramadan, covering three Jordanian governorates

May 04, 2020

Every year, in Ramadan, the pace, volume and the geography of Rewell Society‘s charitable efforts (in addition to its fixed yearly programs) increase substantially. The efforts of the association to secure outside donations at Rewell Society also expand, ensuring more poor Jordanian families receive essential timely charity. 

This last Ramadan, Rewell Society distributed more than 14 tonnes of flour to 520 families in 3 Governorates. The donation fund was collected from the staff of EasterNets. These donations and the program were executed in close collaboration with the Association of Agricultural Workers in Jordan.

Of the 14 tonnes, 6 tonnes of flour were distributed in the Northern Jordan Valley. Deir Alla received 3 tonnes, Southern Shouneh 3 tonnes, and Mafraq 2 tonnes. The benefiting families spread over the villages of Al-Manshiya, Qas, Hamamrah, Zamaleh, Busaila, Sheikh Muhammad, Al-Mashare'a, Al-Merzah, Al-Rayyan and other villages. 

Of the donation recipients, 80 families live in Al-Mafraq Governorate, 120 families in the Southern Shouneh Brigade, 120 families in the Deir Alla District and 200 families in the Northern Aghwar Brigade.

Rewell Society continuously participates structuring charitable endeavors in impoverished areas, but its main yearlong focus is on establishing sustainable productive projects. These projects included donating grapevines, productive citrus and olive trees, small poultry farms, and calves management and fattening. 

In the past few years, 100 grapevines were distributed to 120 families at a nominal price of less than 20% of the production cost. Another productive charity was the distribution of 1,000 citrus trees to poor farmers in the Northern Jordan Valley area.

The association also collected and distributed 10 computers in cooperation with I-Learn. These activities are in line with the association's approach to encouraging education and productivity. This charitable strategy is founded in Rewell Society‘s charter and enforced by its General Assembly, providing donations for projects that help achieve self-sufficiency and food security for the poorest families in Jordan. 

Rewell Society Launches Calves Fattening Project 2020

January 05, 2020

After successfully concluding its first phase of a Calves Fattening and Breeding project in the Jordan Valley, Rewell Society launched its second phase for this year to empower female workers in the Jordan Valley.

These projects are meant to be income-generating, with the aim of empowering Jordanian women, helping them manage small financially feasible projects productively. 

Last year‘s phase one of the same project idea proved successful. Rewell Society has also developed a business model for these women participants to lock in the benefit gained from the experience.  

In this second phase, the number of female beneficiaries has increased to 20 female workers in the Jordan Valley. The Maber Wadi Al Urdun Association started preparations for the project in March of this year.

Rewell Society Concludes Calves Fattening Project 2019

July 07, 2019

Rewell Society has successfully completed the first phase of its Calves Fattening project in collaboration with The Maber Wadi Al Urdun Association in Northern Jordan Valley region. 

The aim of such projects is to build capacity for civil society organizations, with substantial emphasis on empowering women workers in impoverished areas. The project in its entirety is focused on breaking through the economic barriers present in the Jordan Valley‘s farming community.

The project is supported by a 2017 grant from the European Union. Rewell Society has successfully completed a number of income-generating projects in the Jordan Valley. Calves Fattening is one of its more recent economically productive projects.

Calves Fattening included the development of a special business model to ensure continuity and to qualify it for sponsorships and fundraising.
The project had invited female workers participation to ensure capacity building and spread awareness related to income-generating small ventures. The participants also get paid on the projects.

In this first project phase, 15 women from the Northern Jordan Valley region became involved and benefited from the project‘s revenues.

The success of this economically viable pilot project encouraged Rewell Society and its supporters to carry on with similar projects in the Northern Jordan Valley region.

Rewell Holds its 2019 General Assembly

May 13, 2019

Rewell Society held its annual General Assembly meeting on 13 May 2019 in Amman, Jordan. Executive Committee Chairman Hazem Mulhim, discussed the charity’s administrative and financial report, which was unanimously approved by the attending members. Mr. Mulhim later announced the opening of the floor for voting in the new administrative body for the year.


At the vote’s completion, Mr. Hazem Mulhim was re-elected as Committee Chairman; Mr. Osama Al Hassan as Vice President; Ms. Hanadi Kadoura as Treasurer; Mr. Mithqal Zinati as Secretary, Ms. Nisreen Al-Alami as Member, Mr. Bashar Arfa as Member, and Mr. Montaser Abu Dawas as Member.

Rewell Society Continues its Strong Charity Drive in 2019

January 15, 2019

Rewell Society has actively been involved in countless capacity building and charity projects since its establishment in 1992. The last few years, however, has seen an increase in these activities. The Society was also restructured in 2016 to deliver more effective and efficient charity works in Jordan. 
Late last year, the Society has also concluded its part of a major EU-funded project for building capacity across rural Jordan, with a focus on the role of women in labor and entrepreneurship. The Society has also become instrumental in funding micro-projects in the Jordan Valley, many of which are aimed at empowering women and their role as breadwinners. These projects were donations collected for establishing basic sustainable income for underprivileged families. Such projects included supplying grapevines and building arbors to produce the commodity of grape leaves and grapes in Northern villages in Ghor Al Urdun. The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) had also participated by donating the grapevines. 
The Society also concluded a feasibility study for the supply of chicken coups. The study was submitted to Invest Bank in Jordan for a grant consideration of JD10,000. 
Other similar studies were also concluded for the purpose of generating donations for multiple projects planned in 2019. Other donations are also sought for training and capacity building in rural areas to help women entrepreneurs establish micro businesses. Examples of these project plans include micro dairy and okra farms as well as cattle raising. 
The Society has received an initial confirmation from Invest Bank’s social committee that the studies would be considered for inclusion in its 2019 budget. 
The Society has also been active in renovating and equipping the computer lab of Al Hashimi Orphanage. This was done in addition to a separate donation of JD500 for the Orphanage’s summer camp. The Society has been donating computer labs to different orphanages in Jordan. 
Every year, the Society has an established charitable tradition of sponsoring two Ramadan Iftars, one donated by the team of EastNets, the primary contributor to the Society, and another Iftar donated by one of Society’s board member.

Rewell Society Concludes its Part of the EU Support to Civil Society in Jordan Project

November 13, 2018

Rewell Society has concluded a big part of a long-running project for supporting civil society in Jordan. The project, funded by the EU, managed by the National Centre for Human Rights and in partnership with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, focused on strengthening the participation of Jordanians in democracy.

The project, which ran from 2016 to 2018, sought to support the role and capacity of NGOs, civil society and community-based organizations in advocating higher awareness of social economic and political rights.

The outcome sought by the project included an improved ecosystem in remote areas to enable community organizations to become more effective participants in policy development.

Other results sought by the project included capacity development for youth initiatives; knowledge development on key human rights instruments, community, and civil society organizations. The project also worked on developing technical and advocacy capacities for NGOs working with media and cultural policy issues.

The project funding from the EU’s €3.2 million grant allocated about €2.0 million to 12 civil society organizations, covering all governorates; and of those, each brought 4 co-applicants from community-based organizations. About €600,000 were distributed to other community-based organizations as well as other specialized entities in the form of service contracts.

Rewell Society is actively participating in projects focused on building capacity in rural Jordan and supports many initiatives for enhancing the skills of Jordanian labor. Rewell Society (rewellsoceity.org) has been active in Jordan since 1992.

Rewel Sponsors Ramdan Iftar at a Gaza Refugee Camp Orphanage

June 27, 2018

There’s a special joy in managing to draw smiles on the faces of orphan children and sharing Ramadan Iftars with orphan children does exactly this. This year, like many former years, Rewell sponsored a Ramadan Iftar that gathered over 70 children at the table from the Gaza refugee camp in Jordan. Attending also were the Society’s key donors, including Hazem Mulhim, the Society’s Executive Committee Chairman and Eastnets Founder & CEO and its Executive Committee Member Hasan Masri, who distributed at the event’s end Ramadan’s symbolic monetary gifts to the children.   

Human Rights Forum Tackles Operational Challenges in Jordan

June 19, 2018

Rewell participated in the forum “Enabling the External Operational Environment of Civil Societies in Jordan”. The forum is part of a special EU grant for developing civil society in Jordan, which is managed by Jordan’s National Center for Human Rights.  

Charity Refurbished Computers

January 23, 2018

Rewell Society, through a partnership with multiple Amman-based companies, has embarked on a charitable project that will deliver to less fortunate Jordanian students computer hardware to assist them in their studies. The discarded computers, donated by these companies, will be picked up by Rewell Society, refurbished and delivered to their different destinations. 

Our outreach efforts are also being supported by the Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan, Intaj (www.intaj.net). 

EastNets (www.eastnets.com, a global financial risk solution provider with a branch in Amman, has also volunteered its technical services and expertise to carry out the refurbishment of the acquired equipment. We look forward to your support and engagement.

Distributing 100 grape vines in the Jordan Valley

July 15, 2017

Rewell Society RWS, the EastNets supported Jordanian charity, in cooperation with the Jordanian Agricultural Workers' Union, completed the distribution of 100 grape vines to 50 poor families in the Jordan Valley. 
RWS has already manufactured, transported and installed 50 grape arbors to poor Jordanian families in the Jordan Valley.  


The Arab Environmental Protection (http://www.apnature.org/en) donated the grape vines for this project. 
To complete this project, Rewell has started to collect new donations for the next phase, which will see another 50 arbors delivered and grape vines planted in the Jordan Valley. 

EastNets, which has been supporting RWS since its establishment, is a financial compliance and security solutions provider with vast presence across 5 continents.

Rewell Society Delivers 50 Grape Arbors to five Jordan Valley villages

June 09, 2017

A few months ago Rewell Society started a campaign to collect donations to manufacture and distribute 100 grape arbors to poor families in five  Jordan Valley villages. The effort was shared by the Jordan Agricultural Workers Association, which supplied the list of the needy families.  

These small projects would give the families sustainable supplemental incomes from selling grape leaves and grapes. So far, we’ve collected half the capital required and went to work, manufacturing the first batch of 50 steel grape arbors. 

Now, we’ve started our next campaign, which we hope would raise the donations necessary to manufacture and deliver the next 50 grape arbors to families in Jordan Valley villages. 

“I can’t put into words the joy I saw radiating on the faces of those who finally received the grape arbors. Most of us would think little of such small projects, but to poor families, it means a lot and it does give them more hope for a better future,” said Methqal Zenati, Rewell Society’s Treasurer. Rewell Society is planning a distribution network in the near future, which would help poor farmers reach retailers in Amman and elsewhere directly and without paying for middlemen.  

Your donations would make a lot different for impoverished families, putting smiles on many faces. To donate to the cause, please contact Mr. Zenati at (0797459738) directly.  

Grape Arbors Ready for Installation

May 14, 2017

A few months back, Rewell Society started collecting donations for a charity fund that subsidizes 80% of the cost for building 100 grape arbors for poor farmers in the Jordan Valley. 

Half the fund has already been collected and work to manufacture 50 units of the metal arbors is now accomplished. The Society will now transport and install the 50 arbors, and plant grape trees, in the Jordan Valley region. Each of the preselected poor farmers will get one grape tree and an arbor. This project is done with the cooperation of the Agricultural Workers Syndicate, whose founder and manager is a board member at Rewell Society. The beneficiaries of the project will pay a symbolic JD20 dinars for each unit, money that is reinvested in the Society for managing charity projects. To help, please contact Rewell Society’s Treasurer Mr. Methqal Zenati on his mobile (0797459738).

Building Grape Arbors for Poor Jordanian Farmers Begins 

April 22, 2017

Rewell Society, in cooperation with the Agricultural Workers Union (AWU), announced its readiness to start work on building 50 new grape arbors. Each will stretch to about 6 meters and a width of 3 meters. Earlier in mid-January, the Society has launched a fundraising campaign which now has collected more than half its target. 
The first beneficiaries of the project are members of the AWU, who will contribute the amount of twenty dinars to the Society’s fund. Poor Jordanian families are the primary target of the project, as well as the greening of the Jordan Valley. 
The project provides sustainable income, where a single arbor produces crops of about 200 kg in weight, or JD360, annually. To contribute to the cause kindly contact the Society’s Secretary and the head of the AWU Mr. Methqal Zenati at (0797459738).

Rewell Society & EU Jordan Valley Project: Weaving Hope with Skills

April 11, 2017

April 9th marked the launch of the EU-funded Rewell Society project for supporting civil society and women empowerment in the Jordan Valley. The inauguration was sponsored by Jordanian Member of Parliament Randa Al Sha’ar. The Parliamentarian delivered a speech about the essential roles women play in the development of the local economy of the Jordan Valley. 

Earlier this year, Rewell Society, the charity backed by EastNets, was successfully named Lead Recipient of an EU grant focused on capacity building for civil organizations. The grant is part of a greater EU Fund managed by Jordan’s The National Centre for Human Rights.

The fund finances a series of expert-run workshops that train civil organizations in project generation and management. The training focuses on the organizational skills required to qualify for funding. This includes proposal and business plan development, selecting the right projects and managing sustainability.

Hazem Mulhim, Chairman of the Board at Rewell Society, couldn’t attend the inauguration but flew in his representative. “The project is yet another great opportunity to bring changes at a grassroots level in the poor areas of Jordan… it’s never easy changing a long-standing reality, but from our experience at Rewell Society, the best approach has always been to build capacity through skills that could generate sustainable income and produce new job opportunities for others. We believe success breeds success and hope infects with hope… it helps uproot collective negative sentiments. This EU project, as others before it, can do a lot of good in poor enclaves,” commented Mulhim in a telephone conversation.

The project’s 20-month span will see more support flowing toward civil organizations, many of which were founded and are run by women. According to Engineer Essam Atwan, Project Manager, the project’s objectives are three fold. “We hope to build effective capacity among civil organisations, preselected based on strict qualifiers; the second objective is to effectively do the same in programs focused on women empowerment; and last, we hope to produce leaders among women that possess the knowhow for training others in project planning and management,” Atwan said.


The Jordan Valley suffers from intense poverty as it lacks a diversified robust local economy. The region offers plenty of investable resources, but the bulk of the investment goes into the potash industry, corporate-controlled agriculture and 5-star hotels. The area is part of the Great African Rift Valley, and it has plenty of untapped tourism potential that would benefit the local population. It is rich in historic and archeological sites; has a unique geology that offers stunning scenery, and is a resting stop on the path of migrating birds.


In the final speech Professor and representative of civil organizations in the region, Dr. Khalaf Al Oshoush, reiterated at length the key role women played in the development of the Jordan Valley’s society and economy. “Discount the role of women and you discount the future,” he said.


Rewell Society was established in 1992 by the late Mohammed Ayyash Mulhim, activist and lawyer with operations across the Middle East. He chartered Rewell Society in Jordan with a clear focus on funding projects in education, training, civil society development and women empowerment.


Hazem Mulhim has continued his father’s charitable legacy; dedicating his time, as well as financial and professional resources from EastNets to the cause. The company, founded by Mulhim, develops compliance solutions for the global financial industry. “The commitment to continue my father’s charity efforts as part of EastNets social responsibility will continue uninterrupted, and the plan is to expand it and make it a sustainable program,” said Mulhim.

Board Member Dr. Fawwaz Jumean Awarded Honorary Title Professor Emeritus.  

March 14, 2017

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member, Ruler of Sharjah and President of American University of Sharjah (AUS), approved the awarding of the honorary title of Professor Emeritus, to Dr. Fawwaz Jumean, Rewell Society Board Member, during a meeting of the AUS Board of Trustees held yesterday March 12, in London, United Kingdom, under his chairmanship. A pioneer AUS faculty member Jumean led the Department of Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences (BCE) from 1998 until his retirement in 2015.

Chancellor Kjervfe said, "I believe that Dr. Jumean is an AUS pioneer who contributed greatly to the overall development and success that the university currently enjoys. He had an exceptional record of administrative achievements and offered distinctive qualities that made him eligible to be awarded the honorary title of Emeritus Professor."

The Ruler approved the University's five-year research Plan and Budget and the Plan and Budget for Phase I of the Research Technology and Innovation Park. During the board meeting, His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah expressed satisfaction at the progress the university has made and reviewed and approved new resolutions pertaining to various university matters. He also thanked the members of the AUS board for their continued efforts.

A Thousand Trees and One

October 20, 2016

Rewell donates funds for APN’s Green Caravan campaign in the Jordan Valley

This Friday (October 21st) Rewell Society (rewellsociety.org) and APN (apnature.org) will join forces to plant the first batch of a 1000-tree campaign in the Jordan Valley. 
Rewell Society is the Gold Sponsor for this 1000-tree campaign; under APN’s Green Caravan initiative. The initiative engages donors for tree-planting campaigns in Jordan and Palestine. To date APN’s Green Caravan has planted well over 2 million trees using donated funds. 
The trees bought with Rewell Society’s donations will go to small farmers in the Jordan Valley that meet certain criteria. The list of those farmers was compiled by the Farm Workers Union, an organization working closely with and helping small Jordanian farmers become more productive.
Farming strengthens and deepens the bond of people with their land and alleviates poverty in rural areas. 
To volunteer for the 1000-tree Green Caravan campaign this Friday or the second half of the campaign (to be communicated), please call APN @ 962 6 567 3331 or email “info@apnature.org”. 

To have your name registered for future campaigns please register on APN’s website http://bit.ly/2e0BfBa.

Women Farmers Under the Sun 

June 27, 2016

Did you know that a large segment of farm workers in Jordan are women? In this recent photo from the Jordan Valley (الأغوار الشمالية) Jordanian women huddle in the shade of a tree after a long day working in 45C degrees under the sun. Most of them can't afford not to work, having to feed their families. They're also not aware of their basic worker rights. They do not get any benefits, such as insurance or end of service (an unorganized economic sector at the mercy of employers).

Rewell Society, the Jordanian Farm Workers Union (founded and headed by Methqal Al Zenati) and the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) are working on establishing a more just environment for farm workers. Look for more news on how we're working with these organizations to help organize farm workers.

Farmer Blues in Wadi Al Rayyan

June 20, 2016

Rewell Society, Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (http://www.apnature.org/en) and Agricultural Workers Union met with members and representatives from the agricultural community of Wadi Al Rayyan in the Jordan Valley. An open discussion followed Iftar, highlighting the many challenges faced by farmers and farm workers.

In summary, the issues discussed ranged from an inability to compete with produce imports in margins, lack of efficient channels of distribution, ineffective support from the public sector, a disorganized industry resulting in uncompetitive seasonal farming, as well as a lack of proper funding or investor interest, farmer illiteracy and a deficiency in knowledge resources. Of course, irrigation water scarcity and quality were also discussed.

The Society and attending NGOs agreed on cooperating with the farmers on the issues raised.

Iftar at Yarmouk Refugee Camp

June 18, 2016

Rewell Society and Tawasal Cultural Society (تواصَل) held a charity Iftar at the Irbid Refugee camp in the Governorate of Irbid, and donated 10 computers.

Joining the Orphans of Al Mahata, Jordan

June 15, 2016

Rewell Society sponsored Iftar for over 50 orphans at Al Mahata Orphan Welfare (جمعية رعاية اليتيم) and donated 10 computers.

Sponsoring Iftar at Hashemi Orphan Welfare Society

June 09, 2016

Rewell Society and Tawasal (تواصَل) jointly sponsored Ramadan Iftar at the Hashemi Orphan Welfare Society where 70 children attended. A computer lab was also donated. 

Change of Guard at the Society

April 30, 2016

Rewell Society's General Assembly elected key influencers in Jordan as a new Executive Committee. They will oversee the Society's ambitious new strategy and mentor and help its management accomplish greater social impact in Jordan - projects and programs devised to help eradicate poverty.

They are: 

> From left to right, they are: • Omar Hajawi (Manger - not a member of the Committee) • Dr Ahmad Atwan (Deputy Executive Committee Director) • Osama Al Hassan (Committee Secretary) • Methqal Zenati (Treasurer) • Maha Al Khatib (Resigned from Committee) • Hassan Al Masri (Committee Member ) • Hazem Mulhim (Executive Committee President) • Dr Fawwaz Jumean (Committee Member) <

Society Loses its Great Leader

June 25, 2015

For the many thousands touched by the life of lawyer-activist Mohammed Ayyash Mulhim, the day of his passing on the 26th of June was indeed a sad day in the Summer of 2015. Mulhim's extended family counted the poor, the dispossessed, the underclass and the voiceless masses across the Arab world. For decades on end Mulhim had worked silently and relentlessly, exploiting his vast network of bankers, influencers, politicians and other powerful Arabs, for the goodwill of the common people. 
Wherever he landed, he applied his legal knowledge and expertise to influence lives and help them understand and work better at their potential. He advocated education, gender equality, the right to organize and unionize and labor rights. He challenged and resisted widespread injustices, and helped organize communities into stronger and more effective entities across the Middle East - from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and to Palestine and Jordan. The endless eulogies pouring in from around the Middle East in his wake and the many honest voices praising his legacy attest to the great legacy Mulhim has left behind.

Rehabilitation & Welfare Society Restructures & Rebrands as Rewell

March 31, 2016

The eldest son of Mohammed Mulhim, Hazem (Founder & CEO of the Multinational company Eastnets), champions Rewell Society's cause as its new Chairperson. The Society elects a new Executive Committee of Jordanian influencers and is renamed Rewell Society to reflect its core strategy of helping Jordanians find wellness and empowerment through work and more transparent enviornment. Rewell Society sets an ambitious strategy for its work to carry out the legacy of its founder. 

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