Our History

Our history goes back to 1992, when the late founder Mohamed Ayyash Mulhim thought the most effective way for alleviating poverty would be to help underprivileged Jordanians develop skills that can enhance their chances of finding work or starting a small business.

Our history
  • 1992

    Rewell Society Established

    The late Mohamed Ayyash Mulhim, lawyer and labor rights advocate, established the Rehabilitation & Welfare Society (renamed Rewell Society) as a charity organization focused on combating poverty and unemployment.

    The Founding of the Rehabilitation & Welfare Society
  • 1993

    No Time to Waste: Rewell Soceity Hits the Ground Running

    The newborn society went to action immediately after its establishment, electing its first Executive Committee. The Society signed an agreement of cooperation with the Vocational Training Association of Jordan. The cooperation resulted in devising short-term training courses in the Jordanian governorates of Tafileh, Karak, Irbid, Zarqa and Amman. The training courses covered most of the Association’s 41 vocational disciplines. The courses offered programs for training low skilled labor, training for job hunters and training for higher qualifications.

  • 1995

    Empowering Women

    Between 1995 and 1997, the Society introduced courses for women to train them as executive secretaries. This had helped many find jobs in public and private organizations. The program was done through cooperation with the Al Wasfiya Center for Training, and it resulted in graduating 28 women at a cost of JD10,000. In another program the Society engaged Al Fadi Center to discount costs for training and qualifying Jordanians in the Travel & Tourism sector.

    Empowering Women
  • 1997

    Rewell Society Intensifies Publicity

    To solve the Society's narrowing financial resources, we started organizing charity events. This also helped create a much needed publicity for our work in local circles. The most memorable of these events were a charity dinner under the patronage of the late Prince Zaid ben Shaker; a fashion show in Philadelphia Hotel; a photography exhibition about Jordan under the patronage of HRH Princess Alia Bint Al Hussein; a charity dinner under the patronage of HRH Prince (then) Abdulla Ben Al Hussein.

    our history 1997
  • 2005

    Advocating Labor Rights

    The Society partnered with the EU to strengthen the Jordanian labor movement capabilities through labor rights, education, legal guidance and organizing. More than 1000 female and male trainees, 136 trainers and 595 from civil and union leaders enrolled in vocational training programs.

    our history 2005
  • 2009

    Learning the Democratic Process

    With the support of the European Union Commission in Jordan, the Society completed the “Democratic Electoral Process Support Project”. The Project's target-audience were male and female students from community colleges and universities of the age group 18 to 22. Over 1,288 male and female students attended the training programs in 8 governorates in Jordan. The training focused on human and political rights; training trainers; managing campaigns, and changing attitudes toward the democratic process.

    our history 2009
  • 2015

    Rewell Society Loses its Great Leader

    For the many thousands touched by the life of lawyer-activist Mohammed Ayyash Mulhim, the day of his passing on the 26th of June was indeed a sad day in the Summer of 2015. Mulhim's extended family counted the poor, the dispossessed, the underclass and the voiceless masses across the Arab world. For decades on end Mulhim had worked silently and relentlessly, exploiting his vast network of bankers, influencers, politicians and other powerful Arabs, for the goodwill of the common people.
    Wherever he landed, he applied his legal knowledge and expertise to change the lives of the people to the better. He advocated education, gender equality, the right to organize and unionize and labor rights. He challenged widespread injustice, and helped organize communities into stronger and more effective entities across the Middle East - from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to Palestine and Jordan. The endless eulogies pouring in from around the Middle East in his wake and the many voices praising his achievements and work attest to the great legacy Mulhim has left behind.

    our history 2015
  • 2016

    Society Restructures & Rebrands as Rewell Society

    The eldest son of Mohammed Mulhim, Hazem (Founder & CEO of the Multinational company Eastnets), champions Rewell Society's cause as its new Chairperson. The Society elects a new Executive Committee of Jordanian influencers and is renamed Rewell Society to reflect its core strategy of helping Jordanians find wellness and empowerment through work. The Society sets an ambitious strategy for its charity work to carry out the legacy of its founder. Rewell Society expands its presence in social media, developing a Facebook page and a new website under the domain name Rewellsociety.org.