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Our programs are designed to create sustainable incomes through micro projects for poor and underprivileged families. From farming to small scale productions to training in entrepreneurship, we empower men, women and youth with the skills needed for sustaining and growing these projects. Our work has created successful projects in farming honey bees, cattle, chickens, grapes and vegetables. Other programs trained women in managing and growing small projects, and taught them about labor rights in Jordan.

Um Ahmad


Farming is the Society’s strongest area of development for underprivileged Jordanian families and it suits the areas we work in, which are rural areas. Micro farms have a sweeping impact on poor areas as it is sustainable and generates food and income. Our focus in farming is always on crops that require less water irrigation and we hope to develop new projects in the future for draught-tolerant crops. We also include animal husbandry in farming, such as cattle fattening and eggs production, which are sustainable projects with high growth potential. See our campaign page for farming projects. In one of our projects for this category, we reached out to farmers to allow families to farm fish in their irrigation ponds.

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Labor Rights

Labor Rights

Rewell Society sees awareness campaigns as a key process in its drive towards creating a better work ecosystem or environment in rural areas in Jordan. We continue to hold seminars and workshops to educate the Jordanian worker on labor rights and advise them on forming worker representative associations that enhance their work environments, promote their industries and protect their employee rights.

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Active Projects

Cart Retail

Mobile Canteen

The concept of a mobile canteen is unique and suits a growing mobile retail market niche in Jordan especially in remote areas and underserved communities. Our first project in this category is a mobile food truck serving healthy pastries and juices? in a school complex area. We hope to develop more ideas in this category in the future.

Cottage Industry

Cottage Industries

There are many possible ideas for development for this category. In one of our projects we’re setting up an organic plant-based dye-manufacturing facility. In another project, we are training rural women on creating pattern for making carpets with natural ingredients sourced locally. Another project uses ceramics to great healthier pots and pans for the kitchen. The ideas for this category are many and we look forward toward developing new sustainable and eco-friendly projects.

Orphans at Al Mahata

Direct Charity

The Society responds to the needs of orphans and impoverished families through direct financial contribution, food distribution and supplying the communication equipment and technologies needed for education.

إعادة تأهيل التكنولوجيا

Refurbishing Technology

Without technology, there so much that we can do. Rewell Society contacts companies and asks them for outdated computer equipment, which we collect, fix and refurbish and donate them to under-equipped schools and orphanages.