Success story
Delivering Flour in North Ghor by Methqal Zenati

More than 520 families in 3 Governorates received flour as donations from Rewell Society. The teams at EasterNets organized and pooled in their contributions and successfully rallied friends to donate. These donations bought 14 tonnes of flour, of which 6 tonnes were distributed in the Northern Jordan Valley, where Deir Alla received 3 tonnes, Southern Shouneh 3 tonnes, and Mafraq 2 tonnes. The families that benefited are spread over the villages of Al-Manshiya, Qas, Hamamrah, Zamaleh, Busaila, Sheikh Muhammad, Al-Mashare'a, Al-Merzah, Al-Rayyan and other villages. Of the recipients, 80 families are in Al-Mafraq Governorate, 120 families in the Southern Shouneh Brigade, 120 families in the Deir Alla District and 200 families in the Northern Aghwar Brigade.