Rewell Society Concludes its Part of the EU Support to Civil Society in Jordan Project

EU Support to Civil Society

Rewell Society has concluded a big part of a long-running project for supporting civil society in Jordan. The project, funded by the EU, managed by the National Centre for Human Rights and in partnership with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, focused on strengthening the participation of Jordanians in democracy.

The project, which ran from 2016 to 2018, sought to support the role and capacity of NGOs, civil society and community-based organizations in advocating higher awareness of social economic and political rights. The outcome sought by the project included an improved ecosystem in remote areas to enable community organizations to become more effective participants in policy development.

Other results sought by the project included capacity development for youth initiatives; knowledge development on key human rights instruments, community, and civil society organizations. The project also worked on developing technical and advocacy capacities for NGOs working with media and cultural policy issues.

The project funding from the EU’s €3.2 million grant allocated about €2.0 million to 12 civil society organizations, covering all governorates; and of those, each brought 4 co-applicants from community-based organizations. About €600,000 were distributed to other community-based organizations as well as other specialized entities in the form of service contracts.

Rewell Society is actively participating in projects focused on building capacity in rural Jordan and supports many initiatives for enhancing the skills of Jordanian labor. Rewell Society ( has been active in Jordan since 1992.