Distributing Tons of Flour in Ramadan, Covering Three Jordanian Governorates

Delivering Flour in North Ghor by Methqal Zenati

Ramadan is a special month for our charity efforts; our pace speeds up and we expand our geographic impact. Ramadan 2020 saw 14 tonnes of flour delivered to 520 families in 3 Jordanian governorates. The donations were collected from the employees of EasterNets, a global financial technology company based in Amman. The efforts were coordinated with the Association of Agricultural Workers in Jordan.

The beneficiaries of this charity effort included families in Deir Alla, Southern Shouneh, and Mafraq. Rewell Society continuously participates structuring charitable endeavors in impoverished areas, but its main yearlong focus is on establishing sustainable productive projects. Our projects also saw us donating grapevines, productive citrus and olive trees, small poultry farms, and calves management and fattening.  In the past few years, we’ve donated thousands of grapevines, citrus trees, computers (in cooperation with I-Learn).