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Poverty is our greatest enemy

It can only be defeated if we work together

With the majority of Jordanians under the age of 30 and the job creation rate at its slowest pace in years, the spectre of deepening poverty in our society is real... and it poses a real threat to the wellbeing of our nation. Addressing the curse of unemployment is a collective effort that begins with all of us. Doing our part at Rewell Society, our vision and mission have always been to help people find gainful employment through training and education to establish better lives. 

By next year we will be marking 25 years of charity to help Jordanians help themselves through the acquisition of new skills and practical knowledge. Since our establishment in 1992, our contributions through vocational training centers has helped over 40,000 young Jordanians reinvent themselves into productive workers, which in turn has generated opportunities for many more others - it's a strategy that works. Wealth generation won't happen if we just feed the poor. To accomplish our mission, we collaborate with donors, governments, NGOs, activists and social entrepreneurs. 

So what have we been doing since 1992?
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Since 1992, Rewell Society has helped over 40,000 Jordanians of both genders engage the job market through 49 vocational training programs. These programs included technical training in electronics and computers, textile production and tailoring, secretarial, tourism services, hair styling and more. The Society has also organized various awareness campaigns promoting gender equality, labor rights and democracy. 

Our strategy for alleviating poverty works on five key levels, all of which support the assumption that sustainable income is better than one off charity


Identifying and supporting niche market areas lacking

the required skills and micro finance 


Locating sources of expertise and financing

to support workers and cottage industries


Work on bringing such expertise for the benefit of workers

in the form of training and knowledge transfer 


Help establish market channels for people,

either directly or through ecommerce channels.


Launch awareness campaigns about the social impact of these products 

Mohammed Ayyash Mulhim
Jordan's Governorates
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